NOVA CAIS specializes in the construction and assembly of Recreational Ports, Floating EcoPiscinas, Marinas, Fluvinas, Floating Water Intakes and Nautical Accessories.

The company’s competitive advantages come from knowing the specific conditions in which we work in the maritime and river environment. We are committed to service quality, competitive product pricing and constant innovation.

We believe in the future. We build it in the present.

Components and Services

With the experience gained and the best equipment on the market, we offer several solutions and services:

  • Recreational Ports, Floating EcoPools, Marinas and Fluvinas, Water Intakes, and Nautical Accessories;
  • Study of mooring forms; • Assembly and service;
  • Complete installations, turnkey;
  • Floating Concrete Breakwater
  • Floating pontoons in lupolen plastic cubes
  • Boat Storage Hangars
  • Marine and pleasure harbor cranes
  • Metallic pile for marine works • Pumping equipment
  • Surface water anti-pollution and cleaning equipment
  • Marine Management Services

Accomplished Works

Ports and Marinas Water Intakes Private Pier Floating Pools